South Korea Analysis

South Korea changed their head coach right before the last 2 matches in qualifiers, but the team had plenty of friendlies to adjust to new requests. They are defensive minded, with tendency to hit opponents on the counter-attack.


IIt is obvious that Heung-Min Son is a key player for South Korea, but his partner up front Hee-Chan Hwang has an equal impact to their attacking organization with his off the ball movement and pace. He has had some good performances with Red Bull Salzburg, scoring 13 goals in 2018.

  1. Back four are prone to making individual mistakes, especially in transition and in low block organization. Poor body orientaton and badly timed reactions make them vulnerable in 1v1 situations. Also, central midfielders often push forward together to apply pressure on the ball in central area, allowing opponents to be a threat from in between the lines.
  2. South Korea have real issues with stamina, and opponents have managed to score 4 goals in the closing 15 minutes of the second half. This period is characterized by lack of support from full-backs in transition and extremely vulnerable wide areas.