Belgium 2-0 England

Belgium’s golden generation outshine poor England as the Young Three Lions go meow meow…
Golden Glove Award: Thibaut Courtois & Silver Ball Award: Eden Hazard + Golden Boot Award: Harry Kane


HHazard looking forward to secure a high-profile safe-haven transfer made sure to leave his mark in the last performance by Belgium in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
England were masterminds to one of the most prolific set-pieces recital that the world witnessed in a major competition while ending up singing “It’s coming home!”

  1. The Young Three Lions failed to perform at a greater level when facing real opposition and never defeated the utmost challenge – To go beyond themselves as they can congratulate their performance based on a 4th place in the World Cup that does not tell the whole story.
      When facing reserve team of Belgium, BOOM, when challenged by Colombia TA TA TA and when they were to experience the opportunity of featuring in the final game of the competition – the enormous 64th match of The FIFA World Cup they went Meow Meow.

    So, and while we congratulate them for the 4th place they claimed, there’s still a lot of improvement, but putting all things into perspective, the shift brought by Gareth Southgate into a 3-5-2 “championing Brazil” formation, it is the path alongside the inspiration that he seems to bring into the young group that are sure to make an impact in the upcoming competitions they will take part in it.

  • Thomas Meunier and Eder Hazard combined goals brought a higher sense of purpose to the Belgium pride after a very poor display versus France. 3rd place it is!! WINNERS

    After 1986’s semi-final with Eric Gerets, Enzo Scifo, Jan Ceulemans, Pfaff and company ending up in a 4th place final position in the competition conceding 2 goals to Maradona’s Argentina, Belgium stepped-up to the fullest of purposes and claimed the bronze title of the FIFA World Cup.

  • More than half a century was the baggage that England carried into this match so that they would outperform the England display in Italy 1990 and achieving the greatest result since they hosted and won the competition in 1966. Belgium was “younger” coming as aforementioned from the best performance in 1986. In the end the Red Devils claimed the crown over the Three Lions (Pickford + Kane + Southgate).

  • No goals from both Lukaku and Kane meant they had to wait for the match to see if they were to go Gold, Silver and Bronze or something else. We had Meunier scoring and becoming the 10th player of Belgium to score at this enormous and tremendous competition that Russia organized in full.
    Hazard pulled his magical tricks to score a second in the match finishing his 2018 FIFA World Cup with a total of 3 goals and 4 assists which ultimately meant that he enjoyed a great influence over the Belgium’s performance throughout the World Cup with 7 goals being attached to his influence. - HAZARD - IMPACT –

  • In the end, Belgium proved to be too much for England – Too much football, too much of a group, too much of individual performers at peak brilliance, too much of a reserve & too much of a first team. Beating England twice in less than a month in a major competition
    1-0 (Janujaz) + 2-0 (Meunier & Hazard).

    England’s 100th match experience in a major competition entered a climax of 39 triumphs, 32 matches drawn and 29 losses. Better days coming soon. Thank you Gareth Southgate.
    Regarding Thierry Henry + Roberto Martinez, we hope to see continuously the great work perform by the duo as they inspire the world of football as so do Gareth Southgate.

  • Belgium 2-0 England
    (T. Meunier '4 | E. Hazard '82)