Portugal 1-0 Morocco

Mr. Guinness-book becomes the leading European International goal-scorer of all time as he send the African nation home earlier.


MMessi, Ronaldo, Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, some of the names we are consistently expecting greatness from…
2018 is the year, Russia is the venue, where Ronaldo is impressing again and again, one more time, and with a header from a trendy set-piece, Ronaldo takes the game to another level, the level that makes him the top scorer of the competition as well as enabling Portugal top of the Group B awaiting what will happen between Iran vs. Spain.

  1. First three goals meant undefeated status for Portugal, and Ronaldo, the one man show that carries Portugal on his shoulders, made sure, he was living up to everyone’s expectations. One more goal, one more unbeaten match, looking good for the World’s Best Player.

    Ronaldo left behind Ferenc Puskas to write an autograph to history books, now he is the “main guy” with 85 international goals.

  2. Morocco were the same as in the first match. Playing consistently and better than opposition, but unable to take advantage of that dominance, which then always led to defeat. At this stage, that meant goodbye. The African nation was personalized through his coach performance. Renard’s regular complaining towards the officials’ decisions unsettled the whole team, even when they could, actually, score without refereeing assistance.
  3. Portugal might stumble in a SWOT analysis. With this, we mean, that Ronaldo is the greatest strength, but as well the greatest weakness. A blank uninspiring Ronaldo, would highly likely mean a Portuguese defeat, while on the opposite end, when he is inspired, he originates triumphs to the nation and to the fans worldwide.
  4. Portugal 1-0 Morocco
    (C Ronaldo ’4)