France 1-0 Peru

Adios Peru, Au Revoir Peru, Bye Bye Peru – Pollo & Futbol


FFrance cynicism played better than the powerful emotions of Peru in a second match in a row where we see Peru dominating in all departments but one… The final score.
Mbappe 1-0 Peru.

  1. Les bleus never felt intimidated by playing on the counter-attack, they never felt ashamed of such performance and the French decided consistently to rest most of the match forecasting way in advance the knockout stage.
    Although they are the biggest nation of the Group C, at least on the cards, in terms of performance we are still waiting for the greatest version of Les Bleus, because the potential is there, but the real assortment of a great team might be still in Champs-Élysées shopping in Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co. or GAP to name a few.
  2. They look sharp copies of what they aspire to be in real life, they lack the luxurious touch and incredibly, they have a huge GAP in between the whole squad, always disconnected like a dysfunctional family, perhaps, they need a Nespresso to wake-up. Let’s go Les Bleus!!

    Now, about Peru… One of the most passionate and vibrating squad that where they lacked the aforementioned they would maximize in group effort, in passion, stamina and inspiration. It is sad to see a performer like that going home early, because it signifies they “are the same” as other eliminated squads, without actually being that in reality.

  3. Mbappe’s continuous performances for his own highlights reel, remain a great asset for France and for the Fans, hopefully no team relying in one athlete only will go past the last 16th, because pressure will grow undoubtedly by then or we will be witnessing the evolution of a new world’s best player, one that could rival with Messi, Ronaldo and Co. Serial Kylian-Mbappe – Le Frappé Fraper from France.

    Why buying expensive houses and luxurious cars, when you can buy Mbappe?

  4. France 1-0 Peru
    (K Mbappe-Lottin '34)