Brazil 1-1 Switzerland

Bittersweet flavor – The recipe of Chocolate & Samba when Brazil faces Switzerland


BBrazil returned to the big stage of the World Cup scoring as much as its last match (Germany-2014) but improvingly conceding less 6 goals than previously, in a performance dictated by burst of individual brilliance, but uninspiringly in terms of overall team affairs.

  1. Barcelona’s Philippe Coutinho opened the score for the Canarinha with a stunner, one of the goals of the tournament with the utmost exquisite execution, surely to be featured often in the greatest moments of the World Cup history.

    The match did not evolved into further goal-scoring action for Brazil, but then rather controversially conceded a goal from a corner-kick, with Switzerland taking the draw from a header of Steven Zuber.

  2. A lot of expectations and hope were on the shoulders of Brazil with a sublime roster full of the greatest footballers that contemporary football could offer, but would that be translated into quality football for the team overall?

    Switzerland occupied wisely and effortlessly all the necessary spaces, waiting to capitalize on any given opportunity they were offered in a very conservative and cynical approach that had its revenue, after Brazil was unable to settle the match with a MVP roster of the biggest stars that could possibly exist. In most moments, anxiety in Brazilians’ actions looked very much like a PTSD from back in the World Cup in 2014’s defeat, where Coutinho was the maestro trying to inspire intellectually and creatively the whole team in order to get over its past concerns.

  3. The five-time champions failed in several departments and offered a coupon & discount to Switzerland to get away with a bonus goal that was not in the cards if you compare the strength between both nations.

    Talismanic Neymar was playing the role of Phantom of Opera without the harmony of the sound of it, and while he got the cast with a beautiful haircut and style, he could not represent the class and genius that the role required to take the plot to another beautiful ending. The climax of this match was mainly the equalizing goal of Switzerland and the final whistle as we expect better days for both nations in the upcoming fixtures after such a boring performance by both.

  4. Will Brazil get beyond group stages or will they be doomed to the biggest upset of the competition? The question has parallels in regards to Switzerland that is trying to advance to Knockout stages for the second time in a row.

    We will likely see an improvement of the pace of the tempo and performance on both sides as they face their own demons to surely transform such uninspiring recital into a happy ending.

  5. Brazil 1-1 Switzerland
    (P Coutinho ’20 ; S Zuber ’50)