Belgium 5-2 Tunisia

Kingdom of Belgium - "L'union fait la force" demolishes le persevering République tunisienne


BBelgium translated into the last Coca-Cola in the Sahara desert as they climbed the Atlas Mountains to qualify for the knockout stage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup with a sophisticated performance. The Flemish Daredevils went beyond stunts as they drove Tunisia from Heaven to Hell within few minutes. Belgium being the center of the 19th century industrial revolution, is taking central stage in this World Cup by overtaking opponents with luxury recitals of football.

Tunisia extended their playing ability from the England match and while still holding the underdog tag, that has never prevented them of fulfilling most of their efforts on moving forward instead of parking the bus in an unprecedented World Cup accuracy for the Northwest Africans that look very likely to beat their goal-scoring record of 3 goals in 1978’s Argentina WC and 2006’s Germany WC, when they score just one more in the upcoming and last match for them in Russia, against Panama.

  1. In a crazy weather mixed with beautiful sun and heavy rain, sportsmanship came into play in a world ran by different agendas, puzzling politics and social movements. That’s when African heritage Black King Lukaku waived off any possibility of faking a penalty dive in a utmost respect for the fans, colleagues, refereeing officials and the culture of football itself.
    Through the small gestures we make the greater difference.
    Lukaku being Royal !

  2. Belgium is so far the most fashionable and versatile team, with the rewritten version of Garden of Eden present all over, but instead of Adam & Eve, sin or purity, we speak diversity and equality in full, bringing dark-skinned, mulatto, light-skinned, taller, smaller, stronger, slimmer, blonde, afro, dreadlocks, bald headed. From more toned & muscled to more body fat, different skins, different hairstyles, different religions, different heritages, different abilities, and different ways of thinking converged into one objective – excellence.

      Belgium is the team of paramount idiosyncrasies.
      We are witnessing the progress to crowning Golden Boot king, “Mr. I eat goals for breakfast, wanna lunch?” None other than the polyglot left-footed Romelu Menama Lukaku Bolingoli, the once rejected Chelsea player, that adorns the world of football with his exquisite physical and technical performances – King

  3. Incredibly, the one King of the main stage, Thierry Henry is blessedly fulfilling a great inspiring role to Roberto Martinez and Belgium players with his insight and all-around excellence regarding football - Forget handball and Ireland... Where is Ireland anyway?
    Va Va Voom inspiring one of the best golden generations of football - Belgium

      When you know how to win, preach, expand the global reach, nurture, teach the masses how to be rich, intellectually rich, emotionally rich, physically rich as we create a better world environmentally and cognitively... Also concussion something that clear guidelines should be followed in a flawless procedure.
      Health comes first, all the rest comes later.
      PTSD and Depression alongside rising suicide rates are serious matters, let’s all come together and progress into better days...Fight for higher awareness...
      Inspire today to change tomorrow…

  4. Hazard with the goal of the tournament so far in an exquisite outstandingly gifted solo performance, encore, encore, encore, please.
    Football highest level of standards being set up by Belgium with an out of this world ultimate assist in a crazy driven through pass disrupting defensive lines or any possible existing lines, just to finish it in style, the versatile and perfect... Be Forever, Beyond Legendary, Be Royal

      Lukaku, Kevin De Bruyne and Batshuayi, the entourange of Chelsea’s rejects turned into gold like Midas.
      Tunisia never gone down without a fight, they actually led up to most of the match the ball possession, in what it translated into the most entertaining performance by all parties involved in a match of this World Cup, Belgium, Tunisia, the refereeing officials.
      Great game, Thank you

  5. Belgium 5-2 Tunisia
    (E. Hazard ‘6 pen, ‘51 | R. Lukaku ’16, ’48 | M. Batshuayi ‘90 ; D. Bronn ’18 | W. Khazri ‘93)