Uruguay-France Analysis

Even though France conceded 3 goals against Argentina, their win wasn’t in doubt in any moment since the beginning of the match.


TThey were far more superior then Argentina, and waited for the right moment to use their strenghts to the maximum.

  1. Mbappe proved once against that he is going to be one of crucial factors in their quest for glory, especially in tight matches like this one is going to be.
      Uruguay is one of those teams that like to sit deep in low block and wait for their chances through counter-attacking play and set-pieces, but France has more weapons to fire from then their previous opponents. They might look to set up deeper and force Uruguay to come out and play, waiting for the right opportunity to hit them on the counter and use Mbappe individual quality and blistering pace.
  2. For Uruguay the biggest question is whether Cavani will be available for this match. Instead of him Stuani can play up front with Suarez, and he has similar tactical tasks like Cavani. But, they will definitely lack world class quality in attack.

Most of Uruguay’s defensive issues were down to lack of width due to three players in midfield line. France may look to exploit that and frequently switch sides to influence Uruguay’s horizontal compactness, and force their play down the flanks.