Uruguay 2-1 Portugal

Probably the most deadly duo in the last third in the world, Suarez & Cavani, you couldn’t find a better partnership than this. CHECKMATE!


TThe South Americans started eager to stamp their passport with a visa to the next round of the World Cup and Cavani quickly made the impression that all of it was going Uruguay’s way. 1-0. LA GARRA CHARRÚA!!

  1. Cavani had the ability to shift sides with the strongest accuracy towards Suarez that by then curved inside and curly crossed it in a grateful response to Cavani’s long driven pass. They were looking like old-school wingers when they are main number 9s. VERSATILITY!

      Pepe’s goal for Portugal puts an end to a long year of clean sheets by Uruguay in official matches and levels it. 1-1 in a warm but not spectacular match so far.
      But that’s not it, when Cavani scores 1, not rarely he does not score a 2nd. So there’s you go… While Quaresma is back and forth to get into the match, Cavani states for the record – THIS IS MINE!! 2-1.
      Is he staying at PSG next season? WHAT A PLAYER!!
      44, 45 goals by Cavani for Uruguay
  2. With greater responsibilities comes some degree of struggling and willingness to not let down your colleagues and sometimes yourself at some degree. And it is unfortunate to see Cavani getting substituted due to an injury that we are not yet aware of the significance of it. Hopefully for himself and for the rest of a whole nation he will pull through sooner rather than later. MVP!!

  3. It is now France & Uruguay fighting for the 1st semi-final of the outstanding 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Mbappe & Griezmann vs. Cavani & Suarez + many other acclaimed superstars. Only one can win, may it be the BEST!

  4. Last time Uruguay won 4 matches in a World Cup, they were World Champions – 1930!

    As of now:
    Messi’s OUT! Ronaldo’s OUT!

  5. Uruguay 2-1 Portugal
    (E. Cavani '7 | '62 ; Pepe '55)