Tunisia 1-2 England

Two goals for the Three Lions led by King Kane - The Lion Kane


MMr. Harry Kane, the contemporary Sherlock Holmes of football unlocked with logical reasoning a fantastic performance by England unseen in most previous tournaments in a match where Kings & Princes squandered the most amateur chances that one could have. Still, at the end of the day, two goals from the Tottenham Hotspur’s star inspired England’s triumph.

  1. England tried to emulate the performance of their best friend’s France with a Umtiti performance, when Kyle Walker made a Michael Jordan’s move by handling the ball inside of the penalty box which would be converted into a goal by Ferjani Sassi, Tunisia 1-1 England at that time, bringing ghosts from the past to England’s performance.
  2. When one runs out of intellectual solutions, they must rely in a more instinctively elucidation, and that’s how Kane’s goal materialized that great manifestation. The manifestation of the intent of England is out there now.
  3. No more mosquitoes, we only expect greater football from both England and Tunisia.
  4. Tunisia 1-2 England
    (F Sassi ’35 pen ; H Kane ’11 | ’91)