Switzerland Analysis

Switzerland has reached knockout stages on previous World Cup and EURO 2016. They have a good balance between attack and defense, and also mixture of youth and experience.


MMain issues are considered to be in striker’s role, because their main players (Seferovic, Drmic) didn’t have good seasons with Benfica and Borussia Monchengladbach.

  1. One of Switzerlands strengths is the ability to hurt opponents from set-piece situations. They have dead ball specialists in Shaqiri and Rodriguez, who are also able to shoot directly towards goal if there is opportunity for that.
      They develop a lot of attacks down the right flank in order to allow Shaqiri to express his qualities. One of main characteristics of their attacks is the link up play between full-backs and wingers, as they understand each other very well. Shaqiri’s movement with the ball is direct, as he tends to cut inside on his left foot and either shoot directly, or deliver sharp cross into the box.
  2. Defending is quite passive, without much pressure on the ball and with high defensive line, so runs in behind could really hurt them. Also, wingers fail to close down the possibility of a pass into halfspace when the ball is in central areas. Defensive lines are flat, which influences vertical compactness and allows receivers between the lines more time and space to link up.

They also have problems to deal with runs in behind the defensive line, from positions in between centre-backs. Spain frequently managed to exploit this when the ball was in wide areas or halfspace, with long diagonal balls delivered towards striker.