Sweden 1-0 Switzerland

A match sponsored by McDonald’s - Pre-made & Frozen – Microwaved Football – The only difference is in the concept & Salaries – Fast Food vs. Slow Football.
Menu McIkea vs. Big Choc


AA match that could not live up to the standards of a Last 16 of a World Cup competition. Looking worse than Denmark 0-0 France and alike most matches in the European Championships of 2016 where Portugal was crown European Champion.
Teams playing anything other than football, futebol, fútbol, Fußball, calcio, Футбол, soccer…

  1. The match has not even started after 66 minutes, but there’s a Forsberg’s shot on goal deflected by Manuel Akanji – 1-0 SWEDEN.
    Switzerland exposed themselves through the center and made it happen for the very first time a goal scored by Sweden from outside the box in this World Cup.
    25% of the goals from Switzerland are obtained in the last 15 minutes - May they repeat it again or will they be making cheese for the upcoming 4 years?
    On the other end, it is 50% ratio in terms of scored goals for Sweden in the last 15 minutes.

      Forsberg scores and Forsberg saves it. Forsberg the playmaker and Forsberg the goalkeeper! MVP

      Sweden defending with 23 players! Grass looks like dyed yellow and blue. Should make it green…Sweden’s own rainbow in the art path to the Quarter-Finals of the World Cup! CARL LARSSON
      Peasantry football by the Swedes! But all comes down to effectiveness.

  2. 93 Minutes and a masterpiece counter-attack by Ikea’s Nation gives the host nation’s Russian Garry Kasparov the ability to Checkmate the match with a red card on Michael Lang and a free-kick centimeters away from the penalty-box. No need for another goal as Ikea’s grandmaster dismantled Switzerland in the most awkward match with no flow at all in the competition. Still, 1958 was the last time that Sweden advanced to the Quarter-Finals in a World Cup competition. 2018 is their time now.

  3. Ibrahimovic’s effect is the same Portugal had when Ronaldo’s was out in the final of the competition in the European Championships in 2016. Zlatan – The Lion (Scored twice a few days ago for L.A. Galaxy – 9 goals in 12 matches)

  4. Another top 10 team dropped – Bye Bye Switzerland – Welcome to the Chocolates
    Environmental psychology through Zlatan – Endurance and group mentality by Sweden overcomes mostly their lack of individual skills. HONORABLE

  5. Sweden 1-0 Switzerland
    (E. Forsberg ‘66)