Sweden 1-0 South Korea

VAR taking the main role in a match where its performers could not please the audience.


GGranqvist’s penalty was the climax of a tight match where Sweden edged past opponents’ South Korea to claim top of the Group F alongside with Mexico.

  1. The consistent domination of the Swedish throughout the match had its profit over the creative Asians that were unable to demonstrate the once outstanding performances as they did in previous occasions at the World Cup.

    While Sweden now looks to write a likely historical page in the world of football, in case they claim victory against Germany in the upcoming fixture, we see on the other end South Korea needing an absolute and resolute win against inspired and delightful Mexico in order for us to witness a change of fate in Group F.

  2. South Korea never really looked dangerous enough to upset the plot Sweden had for this game, turning this match into one more that saw set-pieces dictating the outcome of it. The exasperating waiting time of around 20 minutes to witness the first opportunity of bouncing the net, it is a testament to such poor match.
  3. We are hoping to have a better football performed in the arenas in the upcoming fixtures for both Nations in Group F, where it seems that only Mexico arrived with the necessary football skill so far.
  4. Sweden 1-0 South Korea
    (A Granqvist ’65 pen)