Sweden 0-2 England

England sends Ibrahimovic & Friends to assemble the Ikea’s puzzle of their own.
Show me the money – a story by Harry Maguire – The Tom Cruise of England.


NNoble England grows bigger than the exhausted Sweden side in a slow paced match that leave The Three Lions in a very good position to rest 100+ minutes ahead of the upcoming clash with Croatia in the Semi-Finals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

  1. As noted early in the match in the live commentary regarding both nations with the support and expertise laid by UEFA Licensed coach Matthew Ferreira, England played hours before Croatia and they have not required to step up any plan other than the one taken in those 90 minutes where if they “ran” for 10 or 20 minutes it was already an exaggeration. There was no real intellectual and emotional loss for England that ended up coming all strengthened from this match versus Sweden – Missing clearly Ibrahimovic as commented on our live-show.

    Croatia will be carrying the burden of the severe bruises from the Russia’s rendezvous. They had to chase the game in several moments of it, in regular time, in extra-time and then in the penalty-kicks lottery. They have been mentally drained, let alone the emotional mindset that they had to endure throughout the whole 120+ minutes. Surely a proud Croatia, but if England is to face a real challenge for the first time at this 2018 FIFA World Cup, it will be against the Kockasti - The Chequered Ones.

      A grandmaster’s match like Garry Kasparov will be prepared for the forthcoming Wednesday fixture that will been that last visa on the passport towards the Final of the competition or the GO HOME. With this football as it stands, England would not beat the first team of Belgium, let alone the fact that their “reserve” team could not beat the backup side of Belgium – we are talking about a potential final – Before England and Belgium need to beat Croatia and France respectively.

  2. Harry “Jerry” Maguire scored his first international goal as by then it was followed by Delle Alli crushing a Swedish side that was crushed, apparently, before the match was started, still, Berg not being Ibrahimovic, Guidetti surely not being Henrik Larsson, or simply none of the forwards all put together by Sweden being of the influence that Zlatan and Henrik are on their own.
    Still Granqvist shown the soul of Sweden while Forsberg was lacking some inspiration throughout the match unlike in the previous occasions – Ibrahimovic stated for the record that “Every player should get a golden ball in Sweden. What they did will be remembered forever. Thank you for the show”

  3. Jordan Pickford was instrumental in maintaining England in the competition and inspired the defensive lines of the Young Three Lions to sustain all the “investments” performed by the Swedish that did not conquered any ROI (return-on-investment) on this match as they are sent home.

    No roar by Harry “HurriKane-Potter” Kane as he chases a 7th goal to surpass the total tally, in one single World Cup, of his Tottenham Hotspur’s (Barcelona/Leicester City/Everton/Nagoya Grampus Eight) inspiration and “our pundit colleague” at BBC – Gary Lineker OBE.

    First presence in the semi-finals since Bobby Robson’s side in the 1990 Italy World Cup and Sweden had a 75% advance rate from Quarter-Finals (3 out of 4 – make if now 3-5)

  4. Gareth Southgate continues to pull Jokers out of his deck of cards and sleeves!! HOUSE OF CARDS!! Southgate for President!!
    8 out of their 11 goals have been engineered through masterminded set-pieces – The Paradigm of Southgate.

    It's all Fish & Chips for the new number 9 of England - Zlatan Ibrahimovic,
    The God of Los Angeles & Swedish Football
    The same God that welcomed the King (LeBron James) lost the bet with David Beckham.

    Is it time to update Jules Rimet Trophy into FIFA World Cup Trophy?
    Signed, sealed and blessed by the inspiring Queen Elizabeth II
    It's Coming Home – Never Stop Dreaming…

  5. Sweden 0-2 England
    (H. Maguire '30 | D. Alli '58)