Spain 1-1(3-4) Russia

The inspiring presence of Lev Yashin through Igor Akinfeev’s movements dictate history. THRILLING, SPECIAL, UNIQUE!! RUSSIA advance!!


TThe most fashionable and luxurious item of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, SET-PIECES!
Spain goes 1-0 up versus hosts Russia with a delivery from Marco Asensio finding Sergio Ramos, and either it would have been a penalty (even when there’s no possible advantage on it) or the goal, GOAL it is for Spain. Sergei Ignashevich – OWN GOAL! Another one at the World Cup.

This competition has been an exclusive boutique of its own!
Set-pieces, Own goals, Penalty-Kicks, Thunder Goals, Fans, Rise & Decline of Superstars, Experienced & Hot Prospects, Surprises, Flops, Apparel design, Stadiums, Grass Fields of the utmost excellence, incredibly accurate refereeing, VAR, security, weather, culture PEACE & LOVE!

  1. With the flow of the game and inspired by the hosts’ fans and energy all around Russia, Сборная (Sbornaya, The National Team), and through a penalty after handball of the future president of Barcelona, Gerard Pique, Dzyuba scores his third of the competition to level 1-1 against Spain’s La Roja.

    A match that has contemplated different approaches having Spain performing a slow tempo with their customizable ball possession versus Russia bursts of counter-attack. The Spaniards trying to take Russia into sleep mode, but the wild show on the stands by the fans is not willing to allow that to happen. So mixed reactions until up to the 70th minute.

      As we enter the last 15 minutes of the match, we bring the ultimate stats to the table.
      17% of Spain’s goal in the competition have been obtained in it and a 1/4 of the goals scored by Russia have been achieved in the same last 15 minutes.
      (711 vs 162) 500+ passes for Spain over Russia, but how objective have those been?
      And in the last third have we witnessed any impact?

      84th minute and almost…almost…almost fumed into nothing for Spain that was about to clinch the triumphant goal through Iniesta and then substitute Aspas, but a reminiscing glimpse of Lev Yashin by Igor Akinfeev, kept Russia in the game, that is about to head to extra-time – 1st Time in the 2018 World Cup.

      90 Minutes have been completed and Russia is looking exhausted… How will this pan out next?

  2. If the same stats for the first half would mean the same for the extra-time, then 13% of Russia’s goal have been obtained in the 1st 15 minutes, while Spain’s 33% have been obtained from 15-30 minutes. Will we have an historic 4th substitution as it is allowed in the new FIFA rules for this World Cup? Russia needs that rule and needs it fast!! 4th SUBSTITUTION

    As we see Russia physically exhausted, we also see Spain drained of mental energy. With Strength, Stamina already exhausted by the Russians as well as intellect and Anticipation skills is over for the Spaniards – They are out of ideas. Who is going to be the player to decide the match in an individual brilliance? Isco is in position!

  3. 4th substitution it is and that’s Russia Kuzyaev out substituted by Yerokhin.

    While Spain’s ball possession is above 700 passes and close to 90% precision rate, the shots have been looking much more sober with 35% accuracy out of their 17 shots.

    4th substitution is coming up for Spain with striker Rodrigo getting on the field for tired Asensio.

    Russia first 15 minutes are over. Is Spain capitalizing on their stats adding fire to those 33%? Or are they creating room for De Gea to restore his reputation after the dreadful group stage performance by the Manchester United’s goalkeeper that recently as in the last 10 days renewed his contract for an astounding 21 million euros per season!! MILLIONAIRE!!

    108th minute and Spain falling in love with the ALMOST…almost scores after a fresh introduced individual performance by Rodrigo that included nutmeg, dribbling, speed, skill, positioning, strength, stamina, power, shooting – And the save of Russia’s hero, Igor Akinfeev, the goalkeeper that reaches the other end of the field with his commanding shot/passing ability.

  4. Russia’s bench redefining the rules of orchestra – As they erupt the 78000+ fans at the Luzhniki Stadium like a defiant Russian STORM!!

    Only one statistic remaining...
    Spain has an historic of conceding defeat to host nations in knockout stage of major competitions, failure on penalties to England at Euro 96 and then South Korea at the 2002 World the last time that event happened. Can Russia do it?

    Slick surface & Sergio Ramos wins the toss-coin as demands Spain to go up first…will that historic advantage lead them to triumph?
    Spain – Iniesta GOAL 1-0
    Russia – Smolov GOAL 1-1
    Spain – Pique GOAL 2-1
    Russia – Ignashevich GOAL 2-2
    Spain – Koke MISSED 2-2 (Akinfeev was looking into Koke’s the replay)
    Russia – Golovin GOAL 2-3
    Spain – Sergio Ramos GOAL 3-3
    Russia – Cheryshev GOAL 3-4
    Spain – Iago Aspas MISSED (Akinfeev got it)

    The inspiring presence of Lev Yashin through Igor Akinfeev’s movements dictate history. THRILLING, SPECIAL, UNIQUE!!
    RUSSIA advance!! There’s the Maradona’s hand of God in 1986, now we have Akinfeev’s left foot of God in 2018!!

  5. Spain 1-1(3-4) Russia
    (S. Ignashevich '12 og ; A. Dzyuba '41 pen)