South Korea 2-0 Germany

No Leroy Sane, No Fun.
Never say never
Not even with 100 minutes!!
South Korean’s Tiger detonate Germany’s Samsung Note 7 in 2018. POST, LIKE & COMMENT - ALGORITHM FOOTBALL


TTimo Werner is the German version of Andre Silva. The most beautiful and great ambassador for tourism of Germany inside of the football field. Some athletes work only for image rights and marketing purposes while the rest is left inside of the PlayStation/Xbox mainly.

Mr. Assist God, Ozil is back on the starting lineup to instigate last third impeccable passing and also to provide additional strength in set-pieces situations beyond German Hero, Toni Kroos.

  1. Convoluted situation arises from the Group F, where multiple scenarios could lead to different outcomes. Germany and South Korea while they can reach triumph in their match that might not necessarily mean advancement to the next round and even Mexico with their great displays could also not advance, would they decide not to perform versus Sweden. Goal differential, wins, losses, different climates and miracles can change the outcome of qualifying for the knockout stage! ELUSIVE!!

      Just before the 20th minute, Set-piece play for South Korea and almost, almost, a goal for the Korean tigers. Neuer almost lost the control of a ball, just to be able to react immediately after of the rebound to send it away. Woo-Young Jung with the shot.

      South Korea high pressure closing down the gaps is the trend in the beginning of this match, but will stamina levels withstand the fatigue? They are looking energetic so far in the first half.
      Heung-Min Son’s chance on the 23rd minute, despite the 70% ball possession of Germany came after sharp and wise movements from side to side by the Asian that lead to another goal opportunity for them.

  2. The German version of Robocop spent the first half of the match on the pit stop of Mercedes AMG Petronas with Lewis Hamilton tweaking his technology. Marcos Reus wasn’t spotted out there, not even with the John Lennon’s Imagine sunglasses of Boateng on the stands. TRENDY!!

    Kimmich worked harder himself than most of the other German players put together. DESERVES MORE!!

    Second half starts, still without Reus, but with the biggest goal opportunity in the match so far, when Kimmich highlight his performance dropping a beautiful pass into the head of Goretzka just to entertain an amazing Hyun-Woo Cho, one more athlete adding storyboard to its highlights reel.

  3. On the other match Sweden scores and send Germany back from where they should never left. As it stand into 50 minutes on the second half, Sweden first and Mexico comes second. The sense of urgency shifts awareness for Mexico and Germany.

    60 minutes like CBS is the investigative performance displayed by South Korea’s segments, in a potential historic outlook for them under this low block defensive line but with very pacy counter-attacks. Still, they are playing against 10, Reus is still out in the pit stop with Lewis Hamilton.
    While Reus changes tires, Sweden scores a second from the penalty spot. 2-0 top corner goal with Ibrahimovic celebrations.

  4. Germany has been playing like Hamburg and Wolfsburg most of the season and even though both clubs shared different destinations, the input has been the same in the definition of The "Mannschaft".

    From the 65th minutes onwards, the match got into “set loose” for both nations in a wide open display. Great football to watch unlike Denmark 0-0 France.
    Interesting fact is that South Korea was fielding some players from 2nd division while German displaying multi-million players with the utmost football experience one can have. Still, 0-0 at the 70th minute.

    0-3 Sweden in the meanwhile…

    79 minutes and Reus gets out of the pit stop…for an offside with a distance from Russia to Germany.

  5. Almost, Almost, Almost a goal for South Korea, Disallowed on the 91st minute. Referee listening to his best friend – VAR. Reinstated… CRAZY!!! GOAL!!! WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
    Wait… it is not 1… GOAL GOAL
    South Korea honor much greater than Germany’s superiority.

      No Leroy Sane, No Fun.
      Never say never
      Not even with 100 minutes!!
      South Korean’s Tiger detonate Germany’s Samsung Note 7 in 2018. POST, LIKE & COMMENT - ALGORITHM FOOTBALL

  6. South Korea 2-0 Germany
    (Kim Young-Gwon '92 | Son Heung-Min '96)