South Korea 1-2 Mexico

Mexico’s exotic nature shuts down enthusiastic Asian Tigers.


ASouth Korea beaten in the last 7 matches in a World Cup competition prolonged their latest standard to one more undesirable result. Poisoning strikes by the tigers were not good enough to leave the game at least with a point that some might argue that could be reasonable. While Mexico conceded a late goal through a thunderous shot by Son Heung-Min, it was Ochoa that continuously keeps displaying robust performances.

  1. Another match, another set-piece, another penalty-kick, another goal. The Ultimate World Cup where 0-0 has not been a possibility at all.
    The World Cup’s 14th converted penalty in Russia has been executed clinically by Carlos Vela getting already statistically ahead of the 2014’s Brazil World Cup with 13 penalties scored. A competition tailored for the fans and pundits.

  • Mexico’s carbon copy performance from Germany match continued with South Korea, enabling endlessly the deadliest counter-attack in the competition. Clinical, unique, exclusive, outstanding, lo mejor, más grande y especial, sin dudas, no doubt here. Pace and Patience accumulated with altruism by one of the best young players of the competition, “El Golden Eagle”, “Chucky” Lozano assisting Mexico's greatest scorer of all time, “Mr. 50 goals in 104 appearances” for the El Tri, Tri Tri’s striker.

      Welcome to Chicharito, the roar of ultimate Mexican Jaguar. An elite and luxurious XJ.

  • Mexico for the second time in a row and continuously establishing higher standards, are the Earthquake originators, imposing volcano eruptions, setting passionate trendsetting... The spirit, fire & love that “Los Mexicanos” bring to the game are drawn leveled in fans favoritism with Iceland... Mexico extending their record in the World Cup stage in the last 18 matches with 9 wins, 7 draws, 2 loses.

  • Everybody in love with Mexico.

  • South Korea 1-2 Mexico
    (Son Heung-Min '90+3) ; C. Vela '26 pen | Javier Hernández '66)