Serbia 1-2 Switzerland

Shaqiri serves hot chocolate in cold to The Serbian empire.


TThe 2018 FIFA World cup has been establish several interesting trends and scoring late in the game is one of them, and to this Shaqiri and his Switzerland have contributed in a highly competitive match against Serbia.

In a basic and minimalist statement, Serbia controlled the first half and scored 1 goal and Switzerland commanded the second half as they scored 2 goals.

  1. As we expand the subject on trends, clinical & artistic finishing touches as well as individual brilliance when facing the defensive lines and/or the goalkeepers keep on surprising all fans and pundits, and in this match Xhaka and Shaqiri autographed the first pages of a best-seller in a football match characterized by its poetry.

    The conceited way that Serbia approached the match shown that they lack such weapons to portray such image as they got destroyed by the humility yet determined attitude that the Swiss players displayed and essentially that was the main factor involved in the final outcome.

  2. Now, and, because we are all good at mathematics, the faded Serbians will require a triumph against Brazil almost as much as the South Americans which have the hunger to pursuit the match to exorcize German ghosts of the past, so that they are not hunted by it eternally. On the other end, Switzerland can relax, but not too much, and feel satisfied by earning a unique point out of possible three to clinch the knockout stages.

  3. If Serbia were to materialize their first half domination into more than just the goal of Mitrovic, then the conversation here would be totally different. Nonetheless, the last sprint by Switzerland was more than deserved explaining how they occupy the 6th place in the Fifa Rankings as they headed to the World Cup.
  4. Athleticism, determination, honor, fire, passion, desire are some of the items explored in today’s novel about the Serbia vs. Switzerland match with a sweet happy ending for the Swiss and a sense of Cinderella’s desire for Serbia’s upcoming fixture versus the greatest poets of football, Brazil.

  5. Serbia 1-2 Switzerland
    (A Mitrovic '5 ; G Xhaka '52 | X Shaqiri '90)