Serbia 0-2 Brazil

Brazilian’s Carnival edges out Serbia


MMajor blow for Brazil – Marcelo’s injury.

Brazil relies every match from the left side of their lineup, but essentially that edge that Marcelo brings with his offensive approach (he was a winger back in the days) alongside his defensive sturdiness means the world to Brazil. Constant overlap runs, accurate crossing, 1-2 movements, cutting inside and outside as often as required are extraordinary. Look at what he does individual for Real Madrid and the strength and depth that he provides to both club and Nation. His moral & intellectual influence are of a mastery that should be used for case-studies. BEST CONTEMPORARY FULLBACK!!

  1. A Banega’s Argentina alike over the top, inch perfect through ball by Coutinho added one more assist to the Brazilian playmaker as Paulinho dispatched it to the back of the net. Paulinho, the once Lithuanian and Chinese super league player now with Barcelona, was having a fair game, but when you have players with the utmost quality such as Coutinho, even Alisson Becker could score.

      Serbia is effectively trying to get back into the game taking its chances and enabling different opportunities, but still they are very far away from reaching the last third successfully as Brazil piles up on the pressure with multiple shots on their end.
      Brazil is continuously settling newer standards in their path to glory, as in the last 13 matches, they have conceded 3 goals and won 9 of those, drawing the other 4. Playing incessantly under that statement they can have the champion sticker all over their displays. So, no need to reminisce 1966’s World Cup that was the last time they did not advanced from the group stage. EXPERIENCE!!
  2. The Serbian Warrior - Mitrovic the most artistic player in the World Cup trying infinite attempts to volleys, bicycle kicks, diving headers, back-heels or any related type of shot. INEFFECTIVE!!

  3. Brazil on the other end as 65 minutes elapsed from the match, makes a change. Paulinho – The Samurai substituted by Fernandinho – The Ninja. Warfare in Brazilian line of midfielders.

  4. Set-Pieces-Neymar-Thiago Silva = Goal
    Emotional return of Thiago Silva to Moscow deflecting a past filled with struggles that made him to be one of the greatest defender of all time in football. He never got lost when tuberculosis friended him, he took the blessed path but it was lengthy to overcome a situation where most human beings would not even survive, let alone achieve the prominence and greatness as the athlete and the noble human being that he is nowadays. (Considerations over lungs removal, 5 months in hospital, inhumane treatment) INSPIRING!!!

    If only Serbia knew or understand that a win would make them through the next round…but…Thiago Silva’s goal shuts down mentally and emotionally Бели oрлови/The White Eagles that had it going while 0-0 & 0-1, but they could never got back in the game. Attitude is gone, long GONE!!

  5. Serbia 0-2 Brazil
    (Paulinho ’36 | Thiago Silva ‘68)