Russia 2-2(3-4) Croatia

Russian Football Czars sent on holiday to the Balkans – “A ménage-à-trois Thrillogy” set by the Black Sea, the Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea’s flavor – Hrvatska.


BBob Marley’s musical infusion brought a delightful rhythm to the Russia-Croatia match – “If you gonna live by the gun now / Surely gonna die by the gun”.
The lyrics that explain how Spain got smashed by Russia and the same way that on a “butterfly effect” - A very small change in initial conditions had created a significantly different outcome.
Russia got Kalashnikoved by their own method of success in the Quarter-Finals versus Croatia.

  1. Rakitic’s consecutive successful converted penalty straight out of Balkans led the nation into their historic second Semi-Finals in a World Cup competition (1998-2018). After Denmark in the Last 16th, now the Croatia’s savior settled the match versus Russia in the same fashionable manner. PEACEFUL!
      Goals, Goals, Brilliance, Brilliance have marked the 2018 FIFA World Cup and Cheryshev wanted to create a lasting impact with his own signature – And so he did!!
      Long curly distance strike meant his presence in the upcoming updated highlights of the top10 goals of the competition, but unfortunately it was soon followed by the goal by Kramaric for Croatia. 1-1.

  2. Vladimir Putin approved Fernandes’ Russian citizenship two years ago and two is the same number related to the unfolded events that essentially mark the Brazilian’s performance – Before & After. He canceled Vida’s header, 1-2 sending Russia to the penalty-kicks shortly after his goal, 2-2. Fernandes would go and miss one of the penalty-kicks that ultimately lead to the Russian elimination of their “own” World Cup.

  3. The injury sustained by Subasic in the match was not sufficient to knock-out Croatia – but as we spoke about that advantage in our live coverage – still, it did not materialized – Fernandes shot was wide any way – Even Stevie Wonder would have got that shot and he would not even necessarily need to try and save it.
    Let’s play that song – “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours” says Rakitic

  4. Croatia-Yugoslavia, Yugoslavia-Croatia
    After our continuous reminiscing in the live show with the commentaries of Royal45’s pundits - Matthew Ferreira’s expertise and Thiago Freitas’ savoir-faire about previous World Cups, we know for sure that Argentina did it in the 1990 versus Yugoslavia & Italy (Quarter-Finals/Semi-Finals vs. Last 16/Quarter-Finals) as Croatia consecutive and successfully done it against Denmark and Russia. (3-2 and 4-3 – same outcome through the penalty-kick lottery).

  5. Russia – Smolov MISSED 0-0 (Subasic saves it!!)
    Croatia – Brozovic GOAL 0-1
    Russia – Dzagoev GOAL 1-1
    Croatia – Kovacic MISSED 1-1
    Russia – Fernandes MISSED 1-1 (What was that?)
    Croatia – Modric GOAL 1-2
    Russia – Ignashevich GOAL 2-2
    Croatia – Vida GOAL 2-3
    Russia - Kuzyayev GOAL 3-3
    Croatia – Rakitic GOAL 3-4 (SEMI-FINALS)

  6. Russia 2-2(3-4) Croatia
    (D. Cheryshev '31 | M. Fernandes '115 ; A. Kramarić '39 | D. Vida '100)