Poland 0-3 Colombia

Colombia’s Pure Peace and Love deal dismantles uninspired Poland


AA championing performance by the Colombians saw the South American outperforming, outclassing, outplaying poor Poland, in potentially the highest tempo ever played so far in the first two fixtures of the competition. CLASS!!

The first half display pushed the boundaries of a nation inspiring them beyond 1994 and 1998, where they have been before in high spirits claiming the FIFA Fair Play Trophy and having James Rodríguez and Juan Cuadrado finishing the competition as the World Cup's leading goal-scorer and assist leader, respectively. Quarter-Finals it was 20 years ago, how far could they manage to go this time?

  1. After Pablo Escobar “placing” the country in the map of the world awareness for not so good reasons (not all bad he has done, ask Colombians), now it is the Colombian national team of “futbol” fulfilling the dreams of Colombians with higher pride for this powerful South American Nation. Loving Pablo, Hating Escobar
  2. The latest event that came in a form of rivalry between Brazil and Colombia, saw the tragic LaMia Flight 2933 incident in 2016, but where sportsmanship from Atletico Nacional (the main club from infamous and scorpion goalkeeper Rene Higuita that is seen in the bench of the South Americans) has been shown the power and strength of a nation like Colombia when they awarded the championship to Chapecoense. PROUD!!

    A national team most famously acclaimed by their players such as Leonel Alvarez, Andres Escobar, Carlos Valderrama, Rene Higuita, Adolfo Valencia, Faustino Asprilla, Freddy Rincon, Arnoldo Iguaran, now turning the heritage plaques of football brilliance to the likes of David Ospina, Yerry Mina, Juan Cuadrado, James Rodrigues, Radamel Falcao, Carlos Bacca, to name a few.

      A second half first twenty minutes saw Poland gaining advantage over Colombia that could not extend the higher tempo, but slightly before the 70th minute, after an amazing low through pass of James Rodriguez, saw a clinical composed finishing by Falcao with outside of the boot shooting achieving his 30th goal ever for the Colombia National Team. 0-2 for Falcao and company in a much, much better performance by the Monaco’s striker and their peers.

  3. James Rodriguez, through pass number 1, killer assist number 2, goal number 3 for Colombia. The 8th ever for Cuadrado in 71 appearances. NOBLE!!! PRECIOSO!!

      Phil Collins inspires with “In The Air Tonight” as after Poland, we have heard that neighbors’ Germany are next to be knocked out in the group stage. Colombia, that’s the love & amor, inspiration & inspiración we all need present in our lives. PEACE!!!

  4. Poland 0-3 Colombia
    (Y. Mina '40 | R. Falcao '70 | Juan Cuadrado '75)