Peru 0-1 Denmark

When Tanzania meets Denmark in a Peru’s World Cup match – We don’t give you ketchup, we give you Poulsen.


AA Titanic performance from Cueva, saw South America’s Peru sinking in a 0-1 match versus the Scandinavians of Denmark.

  1. Even Danish were sad, when Cueva had the penalty-kick stroke into the Baltic Sea, as we are daily fighting to remove plastic and rubbish from the all the oceans in a moment of a lifetime where we can save the environment.

    Environment which is brilliant in Group C and still with a lot at stake while we move to day 2 in the group.

  2. We saw the gifted Eriksen dictating tempo and setting-up the best of the existing performances in any of the teams, throughout most of the 90 minutes and it was in the 59’ minute when he envisioned a great goal opportunity, which was pragmatically and clinically converted by Poulsen giving the 3 points to the Danish, when the most reasonable result should have been a draw. But like with the environment, we should have a clean planet, but the “Cuevas” of this world prefer to endanger opportunities of a greater future for the youth of tomorrow.
  3. The history in this World Cup was also written slightly through the boots of Paolo Guerrero, when he played several minutes following a campaign to support him and respective appeal regarding his 14 month drug suspension where he was cleared by FIFA to play. Still, that positive energy was not enough to drive Peru to the desired victory.
  4. After more than 3 decades out of the World Cup arenas, the Incas have performed reasonably well in its first match, aspiring to have higher levels of brilliance in their upcoming match versus France, and Denmark with already 3 points in the bag, they host Australia in a surely entertaining match to be.
  5. Peru 0-1 Denmark
    (Y Poulsen ’59)