Mexico Analysis

Mexico is a big question mark going into the World Cup. From a tactical point of view they are a very interesting team to watch, with flexible approach and universality of their players who can equally cover more then one position.


AAlong with Argentina, they are considered to be the most unpredictable team in the competition. They frequently switched between formations and also changed dynamics during the match, playing both with 3 and 4 at the back.

  1. Their style of play can be seen as a chaotic one, but in an organized manner. Whatever system they use, movement across all lines is fluid and dynamic, as they constantly rotate and interchange.
      Mexico is very attack minded team, and they are looking for more direct style of play, with accent on opening up diagonal passing lanes to get in between the lines. This way their skillful players are able to receive the ball with the right angle and attack defenders directly.

  2. Due to frequent changes made to the team and fluid rotational movement, it seems like players lose focus in late stages of the match and in transition moment after losing possession. Second issue could be their record against, on paper, inferior opponents. Looks like they have more success in playing against tougher opponents, who are used to being the dominant ones.

Mexico tends to keep high tempo throughout the match and looks to disrupt opponents with their pressing triggers, but fail to be such a threat against teams that slow the game down and defend deeper in order to prevent their runs in behind from wide areas.