Mexico-Sweden Analysis

Mexico proved to be the most unpredictable team from tactical point of view, and managed to win both games in the group stage so far. They are in great shape going into this match, with possible changes to the starting XI due to yellow card situations.


SSweden has, hard fought, 4 points from the first two matches. They almost threw Germany out of the competition, if it weren’t for Toni Kroos’ superb free-kick goal in late stage of the match.

  1. They are a side that is limited and one dimensional in attack, relying on ability of Berg and Toivonen to win aerial duels and on Forsberg to be the creative force of the team. They feel comfortable defending in low block for most of the match, keeping their structure tight and compact and will deffinitely try to hit Mexico on the counter-attack or use their physical attributes to gain advantage in set-piece situations.
    They have been quite successful in transition against Germany, but Mexico likes to keep 3-4 players at the back in order to prevent opponent’s counter-attack.

    Mexico, on the other hand, is very dynamic and fluid in attack, with different ways to hurt their opponents. Unlike Germany, Mexico can exploit the gaps in Sweden’s 4-4-2 organization due to great direct link up play between the lines and ability to get in behind using pace of their forwards.

They pressed opponents high up the field in previous matches, forcing long ball play, but since that being Sweden’s main weapon in attack, they might choose more cautios approach.