Mexico 0-3 Sweden

Ibrahimovic’s priested - Sweden's Happy Marriage with Mexico


EEuropean and Latin American Couple move to the knockout stages at the expense of South Korea’s honorable triumph over Germany.

Sweden and Mexico played a highly animated match – ALL for the FANS!!

  1. Augustinsson’s goal in the beginning of the second half started to set-up the mood for what was to be the final result with further goals of Granqvist (his 2nd penalty of the competition and being the first ever for Sweden to have such accolade in World Cups) and own goal of Álvarez.
    Without any collateral damage coming from previous defeat, the Swedish were precocious rather than insubstantial destined to go and end top of the group with 6 points almost crushing out Mexico that has been one of the most pleasant teams in the World Cup so far.

  1. Sweden has assembled their Ikea’s football approach after being shattered by Germany and it was not extraordinary Guillermo “The Wall” Ochoa that could prevent it, but rather went to delay it. And then Penalties for breakfast, penalties for lunch and penalties for dinner.
  2. There was plenty of handball today mixed up with football, but in the end everyone is Metallica – Nothing Else Matters, but both qualifying. Mexico and Sweden are in the best 16th of the World Cup already no matter what! BRILLIANT!!
  3. Mexico 0-3 Sweden
    (L. Augustinsson '50 | A. Granqvist '62 pen | E. Álvarez '74 og)