France Analysis

France is one of teams that is considered as favourites to reach semi-finals. Deschamps has a number of different options to choose from the bench, which can prove to be crucial in the long run.


BBeside obvious high quality of some players, Giroud will play a vital role on this World Cup as he offers something different to their attacking organization. It is expected that their opponents will drop deep in low block to defend and prevent forwards to hurt them from between the lines, and Giroud’s heading ability and soft first touch in link up play will be one of key factors in breaking up these kind of defenses.

  1. They look like a complete team, and threat comes from everywhere. One of key points of their offensive organization is the fluid and dynamic movement of front three, as well as their pace to get in behind. Front three interchange and rotate frequently, overloading spaces between the lines.
      With Griezmann, Mbappe and Dembele France is a real threat in transition. Griezmann is often the primary passing option once possession is regained in central areas, as he can drive the ball forward and choose the best solution

  2. They defended in 4-3-1-2 shape, with wide areas being vulnerable after sides are switched, due to numerically inferior midfield line.

They mostly defend in medium block, but as soon as they pushed up to press opponents hightheir defensive structure was quickly broken due to very narrow shape.