France 4-3 Argentina

Don’t cry for France, Argentina…The truth is, I never left you…


8Griezmann – 8th minute – Direct Free-kick – The ball kisses the bar of Franco Armani. Breathe, Argentina, breathe deep!

Mbappe, the super ultra-speedy very fast X-men of France. A teenager that of a teenager has very little, MATURE!!
Did you see that explosive run? FOOTBALL DYNAMITE!!!

  1. If Griezmann can’t score from the free-kick, he will not miss from the penalty-spot. Left footed shot slotted into the net of Argentina. 13th minute – No lucky here! France’s dancing the tango…

    Messi is all covered up! When it is not Matuidi man-2-man, he instructs to Giroud or Pogba to perform zonal coverage narrowing the lines of passing of Argentina. And the South Americans have not been strong enough in the first 20 minutes to get their game going through the middle. Without the wings operating and no really threat as a number 9, because Aguero, Dybala and Higuain are on the bench.

    But, there’s always entertainment on the other end, last third runs with adventurous Mbappe are generating constant threat, yellow cards and anxiety all over Argentina. PHENOMENAL!!

      Messi’s troupe gathering 70% of the ball possession, but so Germany had the most ball possession throughout the group stage and they are on holiday already, actually, they were always…

      Pavón - the player on the field that outclasses all the others – He is the player that loses more ball possession than both teams combined. He has been doing this over and over again but while making Argentina to play with 10 men every time he is continuously on the field. TRIANGLE OF LOVE!! You are sure to know Sampaoli-Pavón Who’s the other involved?

      Di Maria? Angelito? NO!! Di Maria is more about playing football and when you cannot solve problems as a group, you hire the hitman - a left footed player to emerge from the ashes and goal, goal, and again, GOAL!! The longest goal in distance so far in this World Cup. FENIX!!

      We have just started the second half, and it is Messi that gets the ball from a rebound, strikes with a left foot to have Mercado slight left foot touch to drop it like it’s hot!! Argentina’s own mythology. FROM FENIX TO DRAGON!! 1-2

  2. France’s throwing a whole Atlantic ocean over the mythology of Argentina. Pavard borrows’ Nacho’s Spain goal and gets into the record books and highlights reel of the 2018 FIFA World Cup and probably among the best goals in the history of the World Cups. LEVELED!!
    No wings to reach that ball for sure.

  3. Not less impressive it was the assist of Lucas Hernandez!
    7 out 9 goals of France in the 2018 World Cup have been scored in the 2nd half as of now. Add one more to it, making it 8 out of 10, and bring back Mbappe into the conversation. After Lucas Hernandez insisting once again, Mbappe – The Frappe goal-scorer gets the rebound and shuts down Argentina with a 3-2 lead on the 64th minute. 6 goals in 19 appearances for France. EXQUISITE!

  4. After Aguero’s introduction substituting Perez, we get back to the topic of Sampaoli & Pavón. Perhaps, only PERHAPS, might Pavón be the tattoo artist of the Argentina’s coach?

    While you think about the answer, we have found a successor to the 2014 FIFA World Cup best young player, Paul Pogba. France’s youth development – Clairefontaine!

  5. What to say about Kante?

    As you contemplate all the greatest adjectives possible to describe the French box-2-box midfielder, try not to mock Argentina’s introduction of Meza. SAMPAOLI SACKED!
    Was he not after Croatia’s match?

  6. France 4-3 Argentina
    (A. Griezmann '13 pen | B. Pavard '57 | K. Mbappé '64 | '68 ; Á. Di María '41 | G. Mercado '48 | Aguero ‘93)