France 2-1 Australia

The Bonnie & Clyde of football. A family affair by Griezmann & Pobga.


TThe Video Assistant “by” Russia, has become an historic landmark for the biggest sport’s competition in the world.
VAR’s vantage point checkmated the Kangaroos as they were to cause a major unexpected upset with their very interesting performance.

  1. Ultimately, the gang of haircuts led by groomers Griezmann and Pogba, stole the show by securing the goals that granted 3 precious points in their run to aspire to another 1998’s accomplishments and campaign.

    The very first penalty-kick awarded in the history of World Cup by technology, goes to France and it was not Thierry Henry’s hand to blame on the Irish, after all, the “Va Va Voom” prolific scorer is current developing Belgium’s campaign alongside Roberto Martinez. Griezmann is the name.

  2. Kazan Arena was gifted with a resolute performance by both nations, when France had to leave it late to Pogba to find a solution, which he mathematically found. The Pythagoras’ of France, Paul Pogba. From Pythagoras to Einstein, Mbappe and Dembele were the physicists on the field as they performed a great unnecessary eclipse. They were not to be seen, and that’s the reason why we believe that inside of the penalty-box, Umtiti handled the ball. He looked like Tom Brady in the NFL, but then later we understood it was simply because of the eclipse perpetrated by Mbappe and Dembele. And guess who capitalized on that supernatural event? Mile Jedinak, the Australian player from Aston Villa, looking sharp to move in the summer after a premium performance today.
  3. France-Peru + Australia-Denmark are fixtures where drama is to be expected next, when these nations play their second match of the competition that can decide the faith of the group.

    Like Uruguay was making history in the 30s, so it is France now, fielding a 24 years and 6 months age average team for Les Bleus since then.

  4. France 2-1 Australia
    (A Griezmann ’58 pen | P Pogba ’80 ; M Jedinak ’62 pen)