France 1-0 Belgium

La République - Les Bleus – “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” – Umtiti – The Napoléon


BBelgium aspirations of reaching the Final of the 2018 FIFA World Cup have come to an end after France’s sarcastic performance being stronger than the lack of resurgence from the Belgians.

  1. Belgium opted to operate a match that concentrated in one hand the potential mistakes of France, while France chose to delay the match with all weapons they had at their disposal in order to claim victory from the acclaimed set-pieces of this competition.
      Samuel Umtiti – The Emperor of the French redirected to the back of the net a cross of Griezmann that was the reflection of a corner-kick – SET-PIECES! A goal that meant a “ti-ti” third time final for the French in World Cup competitions, after 1998 (Mbappe was not even born) and then in 2006. 12 years on, they are at it again – Could this be the consecutive 4th final that extends regular 90 minutes into extra-time?
      France has the experience of it…

  2. Didier Deschamps, not a fan’s favorite earlier in his managerial career is about to establish unprecedented record writing history alongside the names of Beckenbauer & Zagallo, the two only players that went to win World Cup titles as well as head-coaches. Is this the time for Deschamps after 1998, but now in the hot seat?

  3. After the speculative match they have played versus Denmark, then Uruguay, these 90 minutes for France were just another day in office. We are not even sure if France annihilate Belgium’s golden generation or they neglected themselves under pressure.

    Lukaku throughout most of the match had to chase the ball and track back in partnership with Hazard. De Bruyne was a ghost presence alongside Chadli. Belgium did not had the will to emulate their previous matches’ performance and eventually chase France to make “Japan” happen again. IT DID NOT!

  4. Olivier Giroud on the other end kept adding minutes to his lack of accuracy regarding shots-on-target. 425 minutes is the length up until the final that the Chelsea’s striker has not been able to test a goalkeeper on target.
    But, since 1998 and after Lizarazu, Blanc and Thuram, France made defenders to substitute forwards in the score-sheet. 20 years on, Pavard, Varane and Umtiti are becoming “back-up” strikers assisting France to their path to the Final.

  5. No more beautiful Belgium – Welcome to the ugly robotic football.

  6. France 1-0 Belgium
    (S. Umtiti '51)