England Analysis

With the arrival of coaches like Mauricio Pochettino, Pep Guardiola, and Jurgen Klopp English football has really flourished and now the national team became a side that fires from all weapons.


TThey have a strong bench, with large variety of players being able to act as impact subs – Rashford especially.

  1. One of the biggest changes Gareth Southgate has made lies in adjusting tactics to better suit to the roles that players had in their clubs. Teams like Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester City played in a system with 3 players at the back – Cahill, Stones and Walker should start in the defensive line.
      Same goes for Rose and Trippier. Henderson/Dier, Lingard and Alli are one of the most athletic group of midfielders who have big stamina to press and go up and down the field relentlessly. Sterling and Kane are among best players in their clubs and provide both pace and goals.

  2. They apply more direct approach, with tendency to overload central areas of the field as Sterling drops deeper to participate in organization. As soon as he passes the ball he’ll look to make a run in behind the defensive line. On the right flank they create overloads, with Lingard shifting towards that part of the field to link up with Trippier.

They have regained possession frequently in central areas of the field due to narrow defensive organization and numerical superiority, from where they managed to organize devastating counter-attacks.