England 6-1 Panama

England’s Time traveler machine outclasses historical Panama.
50 Cent is in the house – The Massacre & Get Rich or Die Tryin'


WWhile Germany’s manager has neglected some of the Manchester City’s prodigies, Gareth Southgate current boss and previous central defender loaded England with the best talent available and no other would pick a better central defender than someone who has fulfilled that role, Southgate it is…

Against Panama, England had a well-orchestrated set-piece, another one at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, by wrestling and creating the necessary space for a run of the central defender, none other than Manchester City’s champion John Stones, attaching his stamp to the Three Lions’ passport for the Knockout stage.
Ready to Roar!

  1. The Game of Trends!!
  2. Penalty-kick, just straight out of Belgium’s Hazard control in the last match Vs. Tunisia had Lingard pulled down inside of the penalty-box after a brilliant solo chested control as he was awarded the decision by the referee.
    And guess what?
    Top corner!!! Cannot get better execution than that!!
    That’s Harry “Potter” Kane!!
    3 goals in 2 matches, reminiscing Gary Lineker’s 1990 FIFA World Cup in Italy, as we have just started ladies & gentlemen…

    Jess Lingard’s best performance ever for his nation is shaping and adding depth to England’s spectacle that we had not witnessed for a long time. Hope!

    Have you ever seen a better set-piece goal than England’s coordinated 4th goal straight out the training ground, No Rest for the Wicked!! John Stones it is.

      Penalty-kick number 2 and referee advised properly from the beginning that he was not allowing any sort of heavy contact inside of the box, but Panama disputed it and England claimed it.
      Harry “Potter” Kane continues to cast a magic spell and another goal in the top draw. À La Royal!! 4 Goals in 2 Matches in total so far.
      But wait, no… another goal for Kane, that’s his 5th of the tournament and he clinches top spot of the Golden Boot award. What you think about this Gary Lineker?

      50 Cent is in the house – The Massacre & Get Rich or Die Tryin'

  3. This is England’s best performance without the interference of a referee as they display a great talent beyond potential. 1966’s World Cup with 11 goals as they were crown champions, 1954/1990’s World Cup with 8 goals and 1986/1998’s World Cup with 7 goals are being outperformed by the current generation captained by Harry “Potter” Kane. The same player that at 24 years old became the 2nd top goal-scorer at World Cups for England. He is now chasing pole-position just behind Gary Lineker with 10 goals, which played in two World Cups while this is Kane’s finest debut. Both are Tottenham Hotspur’s stars. LEGENDS!!

      Harry Kane himself has now scored more goals than England full rosters in several World Cups such as 1950 (2), 1958 (4), 1962(5), 1970 (4), 2010 (3), 2014 (2). IMPRESSIVE!!
      From white London to white Madrid? After Lopetegui, Florentino Perez is now calling and fishing at the oceanic aquarium that is reserved at this 2018’s FIFA World Cup.

  4. England is updating their record by scoring more at this stage than most of their World Cup history: 1958 (4), 1962(5), 1970 (4), 1982 (6), 1986 (7), 1990 (8), 1998 (7), 2002 (6), 2006 (6), 2010 (3), 2014 (2).
    Only trailing behind own ground’s England 1966 FIFA World Cup, with 11 goals. A World cup without VAR.

  5. Felipe Baloy’s Panama first goal in a World Cup stage alongside being their first goal since November 2017 brought a glimpse of an extraordinary tournament that the 2018 in Russia is taking place. It will go down in history as the most celebrated goal ever in a 6-1 defeat. SPECIAL!!!

  6. England 6-1 Panama
    (J. Stones ‘8 | ’40 H. Kane ‘22 pen | ’46 | ’62 | J. Lingard ’36 ; F. Baloy ‘78)