England 0-1 Belgium

FOOTBALL GASTRONOMY!!! Januzaj serves England with Red Bull & Arroz con Pollo as Gareth walks to South of the Gate heading to Colombia!


JJohn Stones, the first England defender to score two goals at a World Cup competition in their history starts in today’s match.
If no goals are scored, we go into tie-breaker that erupted from the love affair between Senegal & Colombia. England with 2 yellow cards versus the Belgium’s disciplinary record of 3 yellow from previous matches. Add further 2 yellow sanctions from today’s match versus England in the first half and it is now England 2-5 Belgium.

  1. Disastrous shots, awkward tempo, lacking in enthusiasm in a shiftless match. Fiat’s engine inside of a Ferrari and the sound we hear is not of powerful horsepower & engines, it is more of the angered fans that paid for a ticket and they are not even entertained or enjoying as they should.

      Nations more focused with “who do we play next?” – Japan or Colombia, Colombia or Japan.
      30 minutes into the match and you see Lukaku shouting from the bench asking Fellaini if he prefers Sushi or Miso soup??
      To which the Manchester United’s hairstylist player responds in return:
      « Why not Bandeja Paisa or Arroz con Pollo? »

      Vardy walks upset to Fellaini, but no yellow card! VAR did not spotted it and the referee was OK with it.
      Vardy lively exchange of words with the Belgian midfielder, was about their visit to himself & colleagues next, stating they needed to bring beer, lots of it, no matter if it Russians ran low or not on beer necessities, because they don’t fancy Vodka.
      Add Red bull and double expresso to the list!!! Vardy went to say further - Cheese and ham omelette with baked beans is more than enough for them.
  2. Second half starts and after the lengthy dinner between England and Belgium and there’s Rose(s) on the table and a tasteful dessert served by Januzaj. 0-1 to Belgium
    That means sushi for Monday’s dinner for Les Diables Rouges!!
    The Red Devils got very hungry after Lukaku and Fellaini’s savoring conversation and that even echoed in Manchester. FOOTBALL GASTRONOMY!!!
  3. We have to go way back such as when:
    Japanese Baseball League was founded, 1936 to witness the last time that Belgium has won versus England in the regular 90 minutes. 3-2, 82 years ago.

    After Rashford’s miss, all alone, perhaps we should shift to fast-food…No wonder why he is not a constant regular starter in Manchester despite all the potential being there as we expect more from him.

  4. Fellaini’s displeasure is seen towards T. Hazard, because he is not into sushi! But you can see Lukaku partying already with Januzaj…Sushi, Sushi, Sushi he says!! And Batshuayi responds back with his finest World Cup celebration!! At least he placed the ball on the back of the net. GOALLLLLL!!

  5. England 0-1 Belgium
    (A. Januzaj '51)