Denmark 0-0 France

Worst game of the World Cup. No more words attached.


NNot playing to win and rather wasting fans for 90 minutes, brings hopes of immediate knockout in the last 16th so that once for all audiences are given what they love, goals, whether they are through an attacking games, counter-attack, direct or long ball, or any other. OUT!!!

  1. Les bleus looking blurred and Danish dynamite exploding in their own hands and unforgivable match approach by both teams. Bring on NBA and All-Star Game or Globetrotters. Fans deserve more taking into account the figures they pay for each ticket.

      Didier Deschamps will surpass Raymon Domenech’s France record when they face Argentina in the knockout stage, by being in charge for 80 matches by then.

      Denmark will face remarkable Croatia that finished top of the group with 9 points, whether it was with their first team or the secondary one. So, no excuse for France playing their secondary roster and still displaying alongside Denmark a horrible performance that was whistled most of the match by the fans. It may have been the worst television share of this World Cup, people switching channel, everyone preferring to root for Nigeria or Argentina this Tuesday, and that means French and Danish. That should tell the tale.

  2. How many completed passes did Griezman and Giroud had between themselves? Yes, that’s right. 1. And that already with a Walmart discount card!!
  3. To say this match was played at a low tempo or in a friendly pre-season match manner is just an understatement.

  4. France heritage with African roots was displayed once again on the field when Mandanda became the oldest French athlete to wear the French national team jersey in a World Cup game. Grateful!!
  5. Denmark 0-0 France