Croatia-England Analysis

Croatia reached semifinals after 2 nerve-wrecking and exhausting matches against Denmark and Russia, that ended after penalty shootouts.


TThis will definitely leave a mark on stamina of Croatia’s players, and influence their style of play, so they might enter more defensive mode in order to cope with England’s pace.

  1. Reports prior to this match say that Dalic will maybe drop Perisic and introduce Brozovic instead, so it looks like they want to surprise England with 4-4-2 diamond formation.
      This could maybe prove to be a good decision, as with 4 players in central area of the field Croatia could cope with numerical superiority England tends to create in half-spaces and in central areas. From attacking point of view, Croatia might use similar recipe as in match against Argentina, and try to attack space in behind wing-backs with Rebic/Perisic starting his run from half-space or central areas.
  2. England is in good shape, they fire from all weapons, but based on previous matches it can be said that one of their main strengths is set-piece play, corner-kicks especially.

They form group of players, with all of them except 1 start their run at the same time, clearing space for the targeted player to attack designated area. England is fresh, all players are fit and ready to "bring it home".