Croatia 1-1(3-2) Denmark

Subasic is running for President of Croatia!! It is Russia vs. Croatia on the 7th of July!! QUARTER-FINALS here we go! Sorry Schmeichel - MVP!


557 seconds and we are barely seated, and GOAL!!! Left Footed strike by M. Jørgensen past Subasic in what means his first international goal career for the National team of Denmark.

Unbelievable…Mandžukić levels it and while we were picking the coffee, Croatia levels 1-1. CRAZY!!

Seems like that match started 1-1 from the very first second.

  1. Kasper Schmeichel following the footsteps of his father enabling himself to write history of his own with so far 12 saves out of the 13 shots on target he has faced with the jersey of Denmark. WORLD CLASS!!

    Croatia and Denmark scored for the first time in the 2018’s competition in the early 15 minutes. Great match ongoing!!
    Croatia continues to concede goals inside of the penalty area, 100% adding further to it after M. Jørgensen’s opener. Denmark is absolute as well in it, meaning, 100% goals conceded have been inside of the box as Mandžukić’s goal was no different.

    A match played under comprehensive perseverance and patience by both nations but not neglecting the entertainment. For obvious reasons could keep the tempo and craziness of the first 5 minutes ongoing for much longer periods, but overall, it has been an engaging match.

      Let’s not forget that Denmark is the nation with the longest unbeaten streak coming into the World Cup and mixing with the competition it goes as far as 7 wins and 11 draws and 0 losses. Total 18 UNBEATEN!!! WARRIORS!!

      While everyone has been expecting to the match being dictated by Eriksen and Modric, it has been the total opposite, with the players in the wide space having much more impact so far. Rebic, Perisic, Poulsen and Braithwaite. Seems that both nations are still studying each other after 70 minutes into the match.

      Same script, different actors – Extra-Time – Croatia 1-1 Denmark

  2. 27 penalty-kicks with 20 being converted – all time high record at the world cup
    Like father, like son – Schmeichel family on the big stage making the difference.
    Champions league's winners like Ronaldo and Messi missed penalties at this World Cup, and now did so Modric added himself to the list – Best Friends!
    A save celebrated everywhere in Denmark like if it was a goal! EPIC

  3. Can Denmark carry that momentum into epicness?

    After underdogs Russia succeeded by beating Spain, now is Denmark to beat favorite’s Croatia?

  4. Denmark – Eriksen MISSED 0-0 (Subasic saves it!!)
    Croatia – Badelj MISSED 0-0 (Schmeichel 2nd penalty save of the day)
    Denmark – Kjaer GOAL 1-0 (TOP CORNER)
    Croatia – Kramaric GOAL 1-1
    Denmark – Krohn-Dehli GOAL 1-2
    Croatia – Modric GOAL 2-2
    Denmark – Schoene MISSED 2-2 (Subasic saves it!!)
    Croatia – Pivaric MISSED 2-2 (Schmeichel 3rd penalty save of the day) MVP
    Denmark - Jørgensen MISSED 2-2 (Historic Save by Subasic!!!)
    Croatia – Rakitic GOAL 3-2 (QUARTER-FINALS)

    It is Russia vs. Croatia on the 7th of July!! QUARTER-FINALS here we go!

  5. Croatia 1-1(3-2) Denmark
    (M. Mandžukić '4 ; M. Jørgensen '1)