Colombia 1-2 Japan

A Samurai display by the Japanese, sliced Pekerman’s plan of a greater Colombia


JJapan’s honorable display got them a precious 3 points after a nightmare start by Colombia having a sent off of Carlos Sanchez after only three minutes into the game. With that on the table, Pekerman’s decision was to remove Cuadrado and bring on substitute Barrios in a choice that not even Pekerman knows the reason why…

  1. Colombia was anticipated to advance easily in Group H, but seems for a second that they are in the same situation of newly elected president, Ivan Duque, the same performance expected to change the nation’s fate, turned into a roll back in a peace accord with the FARC, jeopardizing the deal signed and sealed. Identical to the election, so were the Colombians on the field, they were disarmed and a distorted shadow of the greatness they hold as footballers.
    Nervous, anxious, concerned and unsettled, felt like we had 1994 reminiscing in the making, when Valderrama, Asprilla, Rincon, Escobar and company played the World Cup in the USA.
  2. While Colombia handled the game better than expected with 10 men, they never looked like going for further more than a defeat, imagining their life like John Lennon, with hope for peace and a qualifying from the Group H to inspire the nation back home.

    Japan’s reverent approach with insightful bursts, made them capitalize on the opportunities that enabled the 3 points in a fully deserved victory which honors their commitment in this match against Colombia potentiating the progression beyond group stage.

  3. Falcao looked lost throughout most of the match making Colombia looking like if they were playing with 9 men, waiting for a miracle to materialize. The only materialization though, was the ball possession and triumph of Japan taking them top of the Group H.
  4. Colombia 1-2 Japan
    (J Quintero ’39) ; S Kagawa ’6 pen | Y Osako ’73)