Colombia 1-1(3-4) England

The Young Three Lions sent to hunt down Colombia in the World Cup’s Safari


115 minutes into the Colombia 0-0 England is better than 10 matches of 120 minutes put together of Denmark-France + Sweden-Switzerland.
Audience enjoying the pleasure and visuals of football well displayed with both nations running for their result instead of sitting back. One can argue it is different approaches and we have to have a versatile view on it, but ultimately football is culture, entertainment and sport.
Have you ever seen a boring NBA Playoff game | an awful NFL’s Super Bowl | a lackluster NHL’ Stanley Cup | dreadful Finals at the Olympic Games?

  1. Set-Pieces Love Penalty-Kicks – England awarded another one – And it was Carlos Sanchez again – COMPLICATED for those that know the culture!

    And another masterclass in set-pieces by England – Gareth Southgate – WELL DONE, CONGRATULATIONS.

      Harry Kane to step up for a 6th potential goal at the main stage – Gary Lineker behind the goal cheering for the Tottenham Hotspur star – And GOAL! GOAL! GOAL!
      He gets fouled, he converts, he is top of the charts in goal-scoring in Russia, never missed a penalty in this World Cup, 19 goals in 27 appearances – Ahead of Lukaku + Ronaldo.
      He has as many goals as Gary Lineker had in 1986 FIFA World Cup in Mexico – Currently laying 38th in the World Cup history as a goal-scorer at the biggest football competition.

      England held Colombia goalless 20 years ago – Last time that event happened. Can history repeat itself? Last time that England won a football match in the round of Last 16 at the World Cup is dated of 12 years ago.

  2. Between red and yellow shirts someone is going to be tagged with a red card in the erupting battle that is ongoing with a referee losing completely the control of a match for the first time at this World Cup. PRESSURE

    Colombia’s lacking pass accuracy has been decisive in the outcome of this match and the wingers are not working at all. In the center, they are desperately in need of an organizer as everything is deeply scrambled. Would James Rodriguez impacted the match…?

    We already had the inspiring Maradona’s hand of God in 1986, then we had Akinfeev’s left foot of God in 2018! Add it to the equation now - The Mina’s Header of GOD…Mina is finding his spotlight here and promoting himself towards the 2018/19 line-up of Barcelona – MOTIVATIONAL

    Colombia’s Vultur(e) pedigree erupted from the ashes – Colombia’s own FENIX

Colombia – Falcao – GOAL 1-0
England – Kane – GOAL 1-1
Colombia – Cuadrado – GOAL – 2-1
England – Rashford – GOAL – 2-2
Colombia – Muriel – GOAL 3-2
England – Henderson – MISSED 3-2 (Ospina saved it!!)
Colombia – Uribe – MISSED 3-2 (Hits the Bar!!)
England – Trippier – GOAL 3-3
Colombia – Bacca – MISSED – 3-3 (Pickford saves it!! – Look at Gareth Southgate – Composure)
England – Dier – GOAL – 3-4

5 Europeans teams in the Quarter-Finals dynasty + 2 South American + Russia (4 World Champions)
After ghosts of previous competitions all over The Young Three Lions – ROAR –
Food to DIE(R) for - English Savior

Colombia 1-1(3-4) England
(Y. Mina '93 ; H. Kane '57 pen)