Brazil-Belgium Analysis

Brazil is getting better and better, and Tite has shown that he is tactically flexible and doesn’t mind changing things that proved to have huge impact in the match against Mexico.


TThey look like a well oiled machine and showed much stability going forward.

  1. One of Brazil’s biggest strengths is their attacking structure. They take good positions going forward, which gives them a great platform to perform counter-pressing once possession is lost. Most of Brazil’s attacks are based on those combinations out wide on the left, but they rarely exploited space in behind opponent’s full-backs and rather tried to play through opponent’s lines with short passing combinations.
      Osorio noticed that, so he assigned man marker on Neymar to track him wherever he goes. That left big gaps in behind Mexico’s full-back, which proved to be key point in penetrating Mexico’s defensive lines.
  2. Belgium have just confirmed that they can outscore any opponent, but also that they have big problems at the back due to high positioning of wide centre-backs. Japan is one more team that managed to exploit their vulnerable defensive transition and hit them on the counter twice.

Vertonghen is their key weakness at the back due to lack of pace, but also appropriate positioning and body posture to control opponent’s runs.