Brazil 2-0 Mexico

Brazil serves Mexico with a taco - Neymar's tortilla & Firmino's meat and cheese – GREAT MEAL – Thank you Mexico


GGreat Atmosphere at the Samara Arena to potentially the most passionate match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia so far. Look at the noise and abundant culture displayed on the stands. DIVERSITY!!

  1. Mexico is killing Brazil through the wings on highly controlled manner when everyone was expecting the normal counter-attack approach.
    A match being played on a 50% - 50% supremacy in the first 30 minutes! TACTICALLY DISCIPLINED!!

      Brazil is using their overload approach going into the offensive last third and with quick switches from left to the right and right to the left, rolling the ball through the center. Loss, recovery, repossession, rebuild.
      Both coaches with masterminded tactics for their nations. INSPIRING TWEAKS!!
  2. Second half resumes and Neymar scores in the same manner he did for Costa Rica, tap in, but that’s not negative connotation, that’s intelligent positioning, because where others have failed, Neymar succeeded already twice in the World Cup – Group Stages & Knockout Stages. NEYMAR!

With his first goal in the knockout stages – 1 goal
He has already surpassed Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi in a combined fashion – 0 goals.
The Brazilian starlet is adding beautiful adjectives to his narrative, writing an history of his own - Neymar – THE POET

  • The mindset of Mexico has been clear as crystal - offensively, but they neglected their defensive approach which lead to concede that goal from Neymar. And while Brazil lost fire because of Marcelo’s injury, they never lost their tune – CHAMPIONS’ MINDSET

    Audiences around the world will not complain about entertainment here! Brazil and Mexico have been playing this match as if it was the final of the competition. Brazil attacks, Mexico Attacks, Mexico creates danger, then danger it is caused by Brazilians players towards goal. PROUD NATIONS

  • And it is over for Mexico – Neymar in the picture again caught the Mexicans in transition as he speeds up like “Mbappe” to endorse substitute Firmino with a tap-in-goal of his own. 2-0 - BRAZIL advances and are now among the superpower nations to advance unlike Argentina, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Chile and the list goes on.

    7th straight Quarter-Finals for Brazil

  • Brazil 2-0 Mexico
    (Neymar '51 | Roberto Firmino '88)