Belgium Analysis

In 2014 Belgium managed to get to quarterfinals, but lost to Argentina. But, times are different now and this is considered to be the best team this country has ever had in their history.


MMost of them had amazing seasons in their clubs, Mertens and De Bruyne especially, which makes them a big threat going forward.

  1. Belgium’s „golden generation“ boasts with attacking potential, and even though they look a bit disorganized at the back they are a team that can outscore any opponent.
      Martinez tends to field the best possible XI players from an individual point of view, but the team’s structure suffers because of that, especially in central midfield area and on the left flank. Left wing-back role is occupied by Carrasco or Chadli, who are naturally wingers.
  2. They can push high up the field to apply pressure, leaving Vertonghen in bad situation to defend against opponents. Hazard also defends in that part of the field, and his lack of defensive awareness should be taken into consideration too.

They are very attack minded team. Center-backs frequently take positions in half-spaces on opponent’s half of the field in order to allow better ball circulation and support for central midfielders. This kind of attacking structure make them very vulnerable at the back, if opponents manage to break their counter-pressing.