Belgium 3-2 Japan

Japan early great start against all odds and against all expectations bringing a Brazilian flavor to the game, the same rhythm that they have embedded in their culture since the late 80s in their youth development plan for Japanese football.


BBiggest comeback of the 2018 FIFA World Cup
Thierry Henry’s spirit all over the field!!
Roberto Martinez is the new MVP.
Belgium’s massive resolve edge out HONORABLE JAPAN

  1. Belgium potentially the best technical national team in the competition are facing strong physical opposition by the Asians, but second balls are something that Belgium has in their pocket so far in the first 20 minutes which if extended will ultimately lead to victory.

    The Samurais are tactically disciplined displaying great patience skills and getting the Red Devils mentally tired to pursuit their goal, unlocking the dense defensive line of Japan. In the end who will get more exhausted and what will be the consequences of such approach? Who will meet Brazil in Kazan next Friday?

    11 blue shirted players inside of the box with 4 other red jersey players trying to break the Japanese Fort Knox…Hazard, Mertens, de Bruyne, Lukaku vs. an impeccable team of Blue Samurais.

      On the 30th minute, Japan almost having a getaway to the Quarter-Finals with an exceptional opportunity created after an exquisite control by Kagawa and then his back-heel lead to a dangerous cross from Nagatomo that found the head of Takashi Inui - Saved by Courtois.

      If the match was about to blend together and dictate rhythm of play in the first 20 meters, then Japan would be World Champion. In the last 25 minutes of the first half to add to that display they have instigated long passing, long, long passing to the left wings trying to activate potential threats with their delivery to “whoever” they are able to pick in the center.

      Jan Vertonghen’s lack of composure and anticipation skills left Haraguchi all alone after Gaku Shibasaki cuts the Belgium’s defensive line wide open with a cutting-edge through ball...HARAGUCHI 1st World Cup Goal meaning the world for JAPAN!

      Hazard hits the post!!! After 3574 chances, still Belgium Squanders it again. Are they going to react as they were never were in a position to be tested yet in this World Cup up until this match? Belgium was never trailing in the competition. And Japan was the opposite, meaning, always coming from behind to settle matches their way.

      Belgium’s unbeaten 22 matches are being torched by Japan’s versatile ability and audacity. Kagawa’s reminiscing Garrincha’s dribbling skills back-heels to Inui 2-0.
      INCREDIBLE – SAMURAI’s BLADE slicing Belgium’s World Cup Dream as Japan are looking like they are Pele’s Brazil!!! GROWING CONFIDENT!!

  2. Are we having a brilliant comeback from Belgium and sending in Thierry Henry as a substitute to earn a title like France in 1998 FIFA World Cup or is Japan influencing Belgium to go for their long tradition cheese-making as far back as the Middle-Ages? Cheesy football displayed by Belgium until the 70th minute. Totally different from the Belgium that made the world of football fall in love with them. APPALLED!!

    While Vertonghen couldn’t lead by example with his dribbling skills, in terms of aerial performance, he has been imposing and as a result of it, with his header, he scores for Belgium, 1-2 – 69 Minutes

    Thierry Henry was about to get in, but instead they fielded Marouane Fellaini at the 65th minute and he scores by the 74th minute. 18 goals in 85 appearances for the Chèf & Hairstylist Fellaini of Manchester United. GOAL 2-2
    Roberto Martinez was already being questioned by media outlets worldwide and pulls a Joker.

    Best Match of the World Cup – UNEXPECTED!!

  3. 85th minute – Kawashima entering the books of the 2018 FIFA World Cup as his double save becomes the best and most decisive of the competition so far - 1st to a Nacer Chadli header followed by another one of Romelu Lukaku. CRAZY CRAZY!
    Kawashima saves another one, now by long range shot of Vertonghen. TALISMANIC!!

    17 goals have been scored in stoppage-time at this competition, and with 4 additional minutes on the clock - 18th goal it is – Belgium Red Devils send the Dreams of Japan to Hell!!
    Lukaku’s World Cup best dummy feint in the history released to Nacer Chadli’s left footed blockbuster tap-in. 3-2, 3-2, 3-2.

  4. Biggest comeback of the 2018 FIFA World Cup
    Thierry Henry’s spirit all over the field!!
    Roberto Martinez is the new MVP.
    Belgium’s massive resolve edge out HONORABLE JAPAN

  5. Belgium 3-2 Japan
    (J. Vertonghen ’69 | M. Fellaini ’74 | N. Chadli ’94 ; G. Haraguchi ’48 | T. Inui ‘52)