Belgium 3-0 Panama

Magical Belgium warms up for the World Cup stardom


BBelgium made into the history books by playing the first time World Cup visitors’ Panama in a match that ended with a remarkable performance by the Europeans.

  1. Mertens and Lukaku we deadly ahead of goal, displaying amazing skills just like all of their teammates extending their impressive and undefeated qualifying campaign to the World Cup.

    A great display by Belgium that issues a great warning to England and Tunisia ahead of the upcoming fixtures with Roberto Martinez and Thierry Henry’s golden generation set to break the nation’s record in the World Cups, as long as the level of football stays the same or even in an improved version of it.

  2. The all-star roster that Belgium has in this tournament will probably be the best in the upcoming years and surely greater than the previous versions of them. Hazard, Mertens, Lukaku, Courtois, Witsel, Carrasco, De Bruyne, are some of the names featured on a prodigious list of this nation.
    The lack of experience by Panama could have explained the outcome of the match, but we will have to test Belgium with higher status’ opposition that will come especially through the presence of England and its young great generation as well. Both nations normally struggle and waste their potential in the great stage. That’s an historical fact.
  3. While Jan Ceulemans has more goals in major competitions for the national team with a total of 6, very soon, we will be witnessing surely the insurgence of Lukaku, that alongside Marc Wilmots share a 5 goal tally for Belgium.
  4. Belgium 3-0 Panama
    (D Mertens ’47 | R Lukaku ’69 | ’75)