Denmark 1-1 Australia

Kangaroos jump on top of Denmark to escape flatline.


JJedinak emulates the match he has played against France by scoring from the penalty-spot straight after the early goal by Danish Talismanic playmaker, Christian Eriksen. Once again, set-pieces activated the outcome of the match and alongside with VAR, they took central stage of the competition earlier today. All year around, fans, pundits, and audience in general gossip about refereeing decisions in any and all leagues played throughout the season, something which it is extended to the World Cup. Nonetheless, the way referees are officiating the matches jointly with their best friend – VAR, it has been flawless so far with more than two tenths of games played already.

  1. It was an interesting performance by both sides heavily linked to the great atmosphere the fans where providing in one of the most engaging matches so far in terms of fan-base.

    Different continents, different takes on football strategy.
    Denmark played most of the match exploring the width of the field while on the other side, Australia matched opposition by performing to the depth of the field. In a more linear perspective, Denmark played horizontally and Australia performed vertically.

  2. Eriksen’s performance went underway very well in what looked like a bright match in early beginnings for him, but quickly faded away like the most beautiful dusk, assisted by Poulsen that was able to concede another consecutive penalty in a match that could have seen Denmark visit the knockout stages, were they to win it. Nonetheless, the Tottenham Hotspur player is displaying some gifted performances that are increasing his already expensive price tag at a tender age of 26, in a very likely transfer to happen after the tournament finishes.
  3. Erikson is not only crucial, he is the trigger and the bullet with 13 goals and 5 assists, turning his personal stat padding into something special. Actively involvement in 18 goals out of the last 15 appearances.
    On the other side, Jedinak has more than just the beautiful beard to be proud of. He is the only World Cup player in the history to have as many goals per penalty in the competition as he has.
  4. Denmark 1-1 Australia
    C Eriksen '7 ; M Jedinak '38 pen)