Argentina 0-3 Croatia

Croatia’s pioneering Tango’s lesson with a basketball edge – The Caballero’s etiquette
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WWelcome to the NBA
The Magic Johnson’s version of football has been today portrayed by Caballero which assisted fantastically in a conceited Alley-oop version to Rebic just find the necessary composure and class to dunk it over Argentina’s goal. Caballero reminiscing LeBron James self-alley-oop dunk in the game 3 finals in 2018, could be more special…Special for Croatia. The European nation that did not won a match against South American opponents in the World Cup in the last 4 opportunities they had. But Obama said, YES, We Can…

Argentina’s population of 45 million were neglected in an inexplicable way, that remembered Higuita in the Italian 1990 FIFA World Cup, when the goalkeeper tried to dribble Roger Milla just to award Cameroon the qualifying stamp in the passport for the quarter-finals to the Africans. Croatia outperformed categorically Argentina driving them to the worse defeat in a group phase at a World Cup since 1958, when not even Maradona was born.

  1. Caballero…Caballero… in 1981 we have witnessed the birth of future prominent individuals such as Roger Federer, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Ibrahimovic, Serena Williams, Hope Solo… How many unforced errors have you seen in a public space by these idols to most people?
    Caballero in his mind was trying to dance a Tango with Britney Spears, also born in 1981…Hit Baby One More Time…

    Buffon was at home watching the World Cup through television as suggested as it should be Caballero with some piña colada, because when you cannot carry the world on your shoulder with a great responsibility, then you cannot lead, you cannot be a guardian, you cannot inspire, and you should not be given any sort of opportunity, when there are other individuals eager to support a nation, a culture, a dream…

  2. From Caballero to Jorge Sampaoli, known for his attacking tactics which are similar to those of Marcelo Bielsa, according to the press and fans alike must have left his cognitive performance at home traded by tattoos. While tattoos are connoted to life experience, motivating events and inspiring people beyond its art, Argentina’s led by Sampaoli is the most awful football played by any nation in the past 150 years, that includes amateur football.

    No Dybala, No Fun | No Higuain, No Fun | No Di Maria, No Fun | No Messi, No Fun | No Aguero, No Fun, and the extended list continues… A leader should be able to accommodate any clash of egos and any potential disparity by including multiple superstars. The incongruence on not knowing how to perform such influential but wise tasks, means no role should be offered to a manager that cannot handle such pressure, because with greatness comes pressure, and those that succumb to it, tend to be forgotten in history books, but on the other end, are history makers, those that with less or more, are able to carry a group, a nation, a culture, a movement, a religion, love and friendship, into the final destination, a blissful one.

  3. The selection of the roster that travelled to Russia is a testament to the current events. Let’s not disrespect the football culture, but the hierarchy of football has often 1st, 2nd, 3rd division and downwards, and seems that Sampaoli must have scouted players in the Campeonato Primera B which is the second tier in the Chilean football league system.

    The players picked such as Marcos Acuña, Nicolas Otamendi, Eduardo Salvio (not the attacking version, but the defensive one), Enzo Perez that mostly had highly questionable performances in Portugal, amount 25% of the team and with those that have been involved actively, representing 25/35% of the whole playing squad in the competition. Then, you add a complete absence of experience at the international stage with the country with players like Guzman, Tagliafico, Ansaldi, Fazio, Armani, Meza, Lo Celso, Pavon and the substitute of Jose Mourinho, the fresh Special One, William Caballero.

  4. That’s 9 out of 23 without the aforementioned, meaning, 40% of the whole squad.
    Final facts are that between the numbers 65% and 75% that’s where the quality of Argentina is relied and they could win the World Cup in Russia, regardless of how unlikely that can be, and still the choices are totally questionable and carry a dubious willing to chase history, at least on the positive… If we speak about the negativity surround it, they already won the gold medal.

    Argentina holds some of the most prolific footballers in the history, in the past, in the present and will have them in the future, domestically and abroad, so how and why these decisions were made?

  5. Sampaoli has awkwardly transformed himself into a manager that has more ink in his body than carries ink inside of an inspiring book with a strategy, tactics, line-up, philosophy, versatile formation, understanding of different timings, tempos, techniques, influences, emotions, body language & physiological responses to name a few items. He went from visionary to blindness, unfruitfully able to claim a Nobel Prize for Literature or even the bronze medal in the most competitive competition in the planet, the FIFA World Cup.
  6. Part II…

    Croatia played very much united and consistently at all times, while on the other side, Argentina was opposite. Croatia performed like a group enabling individual brilliance while Argentina played selfishly individual to a lack of commitment to the group. Someone please call 911...

    Even the passionate Maradona in the stands at his current age with everything that has unfolded in his flamboyant life would have played better and would call up his old teammates that helped to achieve prominence for Argentina in the 80s and 90s.

    Croatia was so outstandingly great, that even with a 33% of shooting accuracy on goal, they were able to dispatch Argentina to a 0-3 defeat and a reality check, and yes, there’s no Ronaldo vs Messi here. There’s a worrying Argentina that we hope that mentally and emotionally grows into something which is not the current frustration, sadness and willing to commit to what matters the most. The happiness and enjoyment of playing football providing fans with an escape for the daily common problems and a message of pleasure, passion and hope.

  7. The distance between lines and the lack of ideas generated by Argentina dictated the final outcome and desperate times they are experiencing, where wise measures are urgently required. If Spain can drop a coach, because he signed for a club just ahead of a competition, how damaging could it be to hire a new coach inside of a World Cup?

    Who is the captain in charge? The captain goes down with the ship or will he guide them through the storm to the dreamt destination?
    Before Messi could be the one to be blamed, the captaincy of a national team is awarded to the coach. That’s why Sampaoli is the coach and Messi is the player alongside his colleagues. Two matches played and we have not witnessed any managerial decisions that could change the fate and current route of the national team of Argentina.

  8. 53% of the goals scored in this World Cup has been achieve by set-pieces, an obvious difference from 2014, where the rate was 30%, yet we are in early beginnings of the competition.

    P.s. – Caballero touched more the ball only in second half than Higuain ’54, Pavon ’56, Dybala ’68 combined… That’s how Croatia taught Argentina how to dance the Tango…The Tango of football

  9. Argentina 0-3 Croatia
    (A Rebic '53 | L Modric '80 | I Rakitic '91)